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Warehouse Service.

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Details of the Trans Logistics.

- Warehouse Services 3rd Party Logistics Services.
- Event planning, logistics series.

- Warehouse for rent both Public Warehouse and Private Warehouse.

- Warehousing and storage management.

- Logistics Management from manufacturer's full packaging shipping storage.

- Appropriate inventory management software.


Trans Logistics

Trans Logistics Limited (TLC) , the logistics service provider 's . Assigned to the Logistics and Distribution Logistics Outsourcing also known to many as the agrochemical companies . Clothing , underwear , electrical goods, food, diapers , sanitary napkins sound and various consumer products , etc., a total area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 30,000 square meters of warehouse barcode scanner that works with Wireless Access Point through the archives all The company provides services in the management of returned products separate bar code labeling , packaging, and integrated logistics .

Warehouse management system currently in use WMS TLC developed to control the cost of storage and the physical inventory with RF Scanner Barcode, coupled with the use of the Pallet ID and Location.


Available in the warehouse.

TLC has a warehouse (Public warehouse) within Buddhist freight station (West Truck Terminal) and a cargo terminal protector (East Truck Terminal).


West 1
West 2
(Rama II)
West 3 
Warehouse Space - Sqm. 7,890 15,520 5,724 5,000 34,134



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Warehouse service.
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BWPT that provides transportation of chemicals.

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