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Distribution Service.

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Blue& White Professional. is a leader of a distribution to the shopping category.
Trading in the Modern Cross docking from Makro , Big C , Carrefour , dealers.
And shops across the country , we transport . Range . Acceptable to the owner .
More than 2,000 products to sell in Modern Trade and retail stations nationwide .
Shipping Buddhist . Which has an area of ​​over 20,000 sqm. ,

To support the expansion of the business.
And freight station protector . Which has an area of ​​over 20,000 sqm. Convenience to customers.
Located on the east side . Bangkok with the service received and shipped across the country by truck .


Transportation management company. Blue & White Logistics Co., Ltd. has introduced a computer system.
To help in the storage system can be linked to a database of customer orders.



Our Services.


Personal Shopper
Freight service.

Customers can choose the type of car you want to get

the product manufacturer.

Personal Shopper

Warehouse service.
The logistics service provider's. warehouse and

distribution management.

Personal Shopper

Distribution service.
Blue& White Professional is a leader of a distribution

to the shopping category.

Personal Shopper

Delivery service.
BWPT that provides transportation of chemicals.

Customers for their trust.