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Freight Service.

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Details of the service.

Freight service. The factory - warehouse

Can be arranged by the customer wants to receive the product manufacturer. To keep the warehouse or delivery. Sent to the factory to end customers. The end customer can be a plant.

Or Retail. This car needs to go to a different product.


Freight service.

Transportation is the second form.

1.The vehicle to the customer's warehouse or factory.

2.Importation and the distribution center.


Both styles can complement each other, such as in the case of product orders are small. Can not deliver the product directly. From the customer's warehouse. Would lead to the distribution center or Buddhist protector it. To be able to send the product in a shorter time, with less cost.



Our Services.


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Freight service.

Customers can choose the type of car you want to get

the product manufacturer.

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Warehouse service.
The logistics service provider's. warehouse and

distribution management.

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Distribution service.
Blue& White Professional is a leader of a distribution

to the shopping category.

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Delivery service.
BWPT that provides transportation of chemicals.

Customers for their trust.